Two Dollars a Bag – Fair Foods Boston

“Food is the essence of life. Without food, you can’t function.”

Fair Foods is a non-profit food rescue organization in Boston dedicated to providing fresh produce and other surplus goods to those in need for low or no cost. They receive surplus fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce from suppliers who are unable to use them, and in turn sell twelve pound bags of mixed produce to the community for just two dollars each. Two Dollars a Bag is a distinct hunger relief program because rather than supply only emergency hunger relief or impose income requirements, they simply make hard-earned dollars go further by lowering the cost of healthy groceries. There are no eligibility requirements, no registration forms, and no ID checks. People are invited to take as many bags as they need for themselves, and are welcome to take bags for friends and family as well.

Two Dollars a Bag operates five days a week with over 20 distribution sites across the city of Boston and surrounding communities.

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