Do You Know Someone That Needs Skilled Nursing? – When to Make a Referral

Are you considering making a referral to CityPsych Wellness for someone to receive in-home skilled nursing care?

Do they need

  • To learn all about their medications (dosage, timing, intended effects, side effects, etc.) and how to fill a medication planner?
  • Assistance teaching a caregiver about how to provide care, the signs/ symptoms of exacerbation, and when to seek medical attention?
  • To learn all about their condition and the disease process?
  • Guidance with medication compliance?
  • Regularly administered doses of an injectable medication?
  • Wounds cared for?
  • Catheter management?
  • Help learning to use durable medical equipment or assessment for use of equipment?

If so, then our nurses can provide the specialized level of care required to help them live fulfilling lives in the community. Making a referral is easy, and we accept all insurances that cover care in the home, including Medicare and Mass Health (Medicaid).

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for the communities we serve. Contact us and we’ll show you why we’ve had a reputation for being one of the best since 2007!